Hey here I am, haha back at it once again. I wish I had more time doing this kind of stuff.. I really enjoy sitting in front of my laptop with a glass of red vino ( My roomie has already wondered, since I never drink by myself hehe) , writing random stuff into a blogpost, simply switching off and letting my mind run free.. wuhu. I don‘t know how to start this post anyways.. i guess this is my intro then. :)

Catch ups with this beauty at the Motto café ( a good friend I unfortunately see too rarely). We‘ve been friends for around 8 years now, lots of stories, memories..even after arguing for an entire year we found us again ahaha ai ai ai .. it‘s crazy how time passes by so faaaast. I‘m happy that we maintain our friendship and that things basically never change between us. It‘s almost like no time has passed at all after we‘re finally reunited, and we just pick up the story where we left off. 
The constant remains - we grow independently, but together :)

I really appreciate you ma buuu<3



 <3 <3 <3


The Burger was already cold when served... :(


.. However I really wanted to go to a new spot afterwards, so we decided to try out Crème de la Crème in the 8th district et voilà..


This was just as good as it looks :) 

I will head to my friends place now to watch a live session of mosaic, you should try it out  ( <3